The more common Businesses Disasters
  • Hardware failure of any kind 42%
  • Human Error 30%
  • Software error or corruption 14%
  • Security Breach 7%
  • Theft 5%
  • Major Disaster 3%
Questions to ask yourself about your Business Operations
  • What system would be hard to live without?
  • What would you do if you’re most important server didn’t work tomorrow?
  • Would you be able to continue to work with it?
  • Would your employees?
  • Would your business be able to keep running without it?
  • How much data can you afford to lose?
  • One week’s worth of data? One day? One Hour? Less than that?
  • How would you get servers, desktops, and laptops running again if you had a major disaster that wiped out your whole building?
  • How quickly do you need to get systems running again after a disaster?
  • Realistically how long would it take if you were faced with doing that on your own?
  • How much money would your company lose for every minute or every hour that your critical systems are down?

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Did you know that 70% of businesses go out of business after a disaster if they have no plan in place.
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